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The main parts of sewing machine[ 04-02 12:00 ]
Any mechanical parts which are a lot, general sewing machine is composed of machine frame, transmission, and section four. Nose is the main part of the sewing machine. It consists of the needle bar, the hook line, thread, feeding four institutions and winding, pressing, teeth and other auxiliary mechanism, a reasonable match, the mechanism motion cycle work, put the sewing stitch.
Relationship between spring and raw materials[ 04-02 11:56 ]
Japan and South Korea to export China spring steel wire in most countries, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Australia and China Taiwan region also part of imported materials to the domestic. In recent years, the development of automobile industry has driven the development of the spring material production, since the 90's the new launched nearly ten spring steel wire production line and five or six production of spring steel special steel factory, production of various kinds of spring steel wire drawing factory small too many to count.
Spring type safety valve four fault[ 04-02 11:55 ]
The common fault of the spring-loaded safety valve are as follows: 1. can not be timely open; 2. the valve can not open; 3. leakage, spring not tighten or elastic disappeared, fit the valve and valve seat surface between the sealing surface loose dirt; 4. open the valve can not be closed.
Control of sewing machine fasteners scientific design[ 04-02 11:53 ]
The fastener is small, but the impact on the performance of a sewing machine, especially the fasteners installed in the movement of sewing machine parts if there are defects, it not only influence the sewing machine function, product performance and quality directly influence.
The production technology of sewing machine fastener[ 04-02 11:51 ]
In the sewing machine fastener production technology, such as the current "balling" process, the past is just by the method of annealing, resulting in easy fastener products processing and quenching in the later in the process of deformation and cracking, and now the "annealing" after the ball is fine pearlite cementite, which spherical particles, dispersed in the ferrite matrix
Surface treatment of rectangular spring[ 04-02 11:49 ]
The spring surface using a variety of paint to make the recognition, such as light yellow paint lotus reuse; light load blue paint; the reuse of red lacquer; extremely heavy duty Coffee paint said;
Common fault inspection machine and the solutions[ 04-02 10:49 ]
Maintenance of cloth inspecting machine, first of all need to drive part of the equipment in all driving gear, sprocket and conduct regular inspections and timely maintenance to ensure the test gas, transmission machine parts can keep good lubrication condition. In addition, in the periodic inspection, if found to have serious wear parts should be replaced in a timely manner. Secondly, we need to promptly remove cloth inspecting machine motor, drive part of the dust, hair pieces of cloth.
Analysis of the characteristics and the tension suture line break fault[ 04-02 10:45 ]
Beng sewing machine is the machine needle three wireless, it can be replaced with four needles and six lines, do open decoration, Beng sewing machine, can do a single needle, an upper and a lower line, the effect is above the sewing machine stitches, here is the chain stitch, a ring a ring, but also double needle, needle is above 2, the distance is 0.56cm, the above sewing machine stitches, here is the net line, there are three (two needle, needle between coupled with a needle, distance of nearly 0.3 cm), lower net, such as three pin four pin almost.
The classification of materials sewing thread[ 04-02 10:39 ]
Sewing sewing machine is the continuous seam (or continuous seam sewing materials) to various products required for the synthesis of people. Suture needle is composed of sewing machine.
Sewing machine parts and components exports far higher than the overall export growth[ 04-02 10:36 ]
According to the latest customs statistics show that in 2007, China's sewing machine parts and components exports $170000000, a year-on-year increase of 21.76%, far higher than the overall export growth.
Sewing equipment maintenance matters needing attention[ 04-02 10:21 ]
Equipment maintenance usually contains two meanings, one is the significance of preventive maintenance, the other is a production and maintenance, the two, namely for equipment maintenance.
In the selection of sewing equipment purchase to pay attention to what?[ 04-02 10:18 ]
Whether it is new or updated equipment, workshop equipment, there are equipment selection problem. According to the need of production, purchase of advanced technology, superior equipment economically reasonable, is required in many respects, summed up the focus on high-end JINZEN computer sewing equipment for 15 years, has the following several aspects:
JinZen will join in CISMA2013[ 04-02 09:58 ]
Dongyang Jin Zhen import and export co., LTD., due to attend the 2013 China international sewing equipment exhibition. The exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center E4 pavilion. Show time: on September 25, 2013 to September 28.
JINZEN online order generation system has been enabled[ 04-02 09:51 ]
JINZEN online order generation system has been enabled, the specific operation process is as follows: 1 Registered Member 2 Log 3 selected products, point of purchase 4 After the order is generated can be submitted.
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