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How can I track my order?[ 04-20 18:00 ]
After you order has left our warehouse, you will receive an email notifying you of your tracking number. We normally default DHL, you can check on the DHL official website for the details.
It's been7 business days and my order hasn't shipped?[ 04-20 17:59 ]
Please give us a call and we will look into it for you, Please give us a call at +86 579 86150008 JINZEN TEAM,Monday – Friday from 7:45am – 5:30pm, L-TM.
When will my order ship?[ 04-20 16:27 ]
After an order is placed, it can take 7 business days to leave our warehouse. Business days are currently defined as Monday – Friday. Please keep in mind; orders placed after 5:30pm L-TM or on a weekend will begin processing the following business day. Details could check with JINZEN TEAM at +86 579 86150008, or leave message to
What payment methods does JINZEN accept?[ 04-20 16:26 ]
We accept L/C, TT, PayPal.
How can I place a order?[ 04-20 16:25 ]
You can send email to, or give us a call at +86 579 86150008 JINZEN TEAM, Monday – Friday from 7:45am – 5:30pm L-TM.We will be happy to help you with your order.
Flat car how to repair broken?[ 04-02 11:44 ]
1. the fault feature: the first needle breakage, disconnection of a cutting head. Products: needle fitted or needle is not installed, the needle is too low. Sewing machine needle is hard, too small or too big foot pressure. Treatment methods: check the machine needle and needle bar connection shaft installation screws are loose. Replace the needle or adjust the foot pressure.
Why use cutting cloth paving machine?[ 04-02 11:16 ]
Garment production is a very promising industry, but the competition has been gradually moving day, how out of the market, and the first in front of the competitors, quality, costs and benefits of cost control system; these factors have become extremely important, in the aspect of work cut out, the use of automatic spreading machine will generally ensure quality, reduce the cost, improve the efficiency advantage.
What precautions should be taken for the assembly of sewing machine?[ 04-02 11:12 ]
Sewing machine assembly or repair after the assembly for the first time, a huge impact on the performance of the equipment. The poor quality of the sewing machine assembly, low accuracy, poor performance, noise, torque, short life; on the contrary, the precision is not very high in some parts of the assembly, after careful and precise adjustment, is still able to assemble the better performance of the equipment.
How to solve by sewing machine wire jumper?[ 04-02 10:54 ]
Can also be called a jumper jumper. The sewing sewing stitch on the surface line and the bottom line, there is the phenomenon of. The main reason is because the needle and hook tip clearance height, distance, do not meet the requirements due to tolerances; in addition, due to the loose parts, wear, or position is not accurate positioning can also cause. Jumping phenomenon can be divided into: accidental jumper, intermittent and continuous jumper jumper.
How to clean up the needle machine?[ 04-02 10:29 ]
Usually after a period of time, the occurrence of some common "fault" needle detector machine will, so we used in the normal and regular cleaning of conveyor belt and other parts easy to be contaminated site.
Electric sewing machine needle to repair broken down?[ 04-02 10:26 ]
1.electric sewing machine bobbin winding is too full, too loose, too messy, so that the bottom line in the sewing process line is not smooth, easily broken; can be fixed bobbin winder, the winding bobbin of uniform, compact, neat.
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